Robert Speicher

I'm a developer at GitLab. I love Ruby, Vim, Git, and the Oxford comma.

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Since 2012 I've volunteered as a contributor to the popular GitLab project, focusing mainly on cleaning up the existing code, adding requested features and triaging tickets.

Over 60 merged pull requests and counting!


Quick and easy video attributes -- width, height, bitrate, codec, duration, framerate.

Tools used: Ruby, RSpec


HubStar provides provided the missing "star" feature for GitHub repositories.

I was tired of my activity feed being clogged by projects I watched to remember for later, but wasn't actively interested in things like their day-to-day pushes and issue changes.

I had been using the Gitmarks Chrome extension for a while, but the problem was that it only displayed the name of the project, which can sometimes be pretty ambiguous, and I had trouble finding what I was looking for when I came back to find it later. HubStar solves that issue by displaying more information about the projects that I save.

Tools used: Ruby 1.9, Rails 3.2, Heroku, PostgreSQL, OmniAuth, GitHub OAuth, Octokit, CoffeeScript, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, RSpec, FactoryGirl, Shoulda


A Gemfile and gemspec indexer

For some developers, the best way to learn how to use a gem is to see how other projects use it in the real world. But what if you can't easily find a project that uses the gem you're trying to learn about? Gemphile was created to index the Gemfiles and gemspecs of Ruby projects on GitHub and then to provide a simple search interface to find those projects.

Tools used: Ruby 1.9, Sinatra, MongoDB, Mongoid, Mustache, DelayedJob, RSpec, FactoryGirl, WebMock, GitHub API v2


A simple Ruby directory crawler DSL

Tools used: Ruby, RSpec, TravisCI


Allows your Authlogic-based User model to authenticate using an IP.Board 3.x database.

Tools used: Ruby, ActiveRecord, Authlogic

wowr - forked from pwood

Originally this gem's code was monolithic with few if any meaningful tests and absolutely no API documentation. Together with Tanner Donovan, I documented nearly all of the API, added nearly total test coverage and refactored the code into smaller, logical chunks while maintaining backwards compatibility with the legacy API.

Open Source Contributions

In addition to my own projects, I also commit to other projects when I can find a way to contribute. Below are samples of my past contributions.